by workinghereislikeworkinginnorthkorea

I know we’re living in a crap economy. And I’ll be honest, my employer pays me a decent amount. But someone could pay me a decent amount to crap on my head every day, and it would still eventually begin to suck, despite the pay.

So let’s talk about my job.

An underwriter basically acts as an intermediary between an insurance carrier (i.e. Travelers, AIG, Progressive, etc) and a retail agent (who works on behalf of an individual who needs insurance).  An underwriter is given the authority, by the insurance carriers he/she represents, to price insurance for an individual based on risk factors.  If you’ve seen the Ben Stiller film “Along Came Polly,” this is a fairly close (although embellished for film) representation representation of the job.

I work as an underwriter for a very large underwriting wholesale broker.  I won’t tell you which one it is, where it’s located, and I won’t give you the name.  Not that it matters;  everyone hates working here.

I will say that it is a very large insurance wholesale broker; one of the top 10 in the nation.