The Windows

by workinghereislikeworkinginnorthkorea

We work in a 10-story building, and my department works on the 8th floor.  Sporadically, throughout the year, we are instructed that all blinds are to be shut completely.  This is done for 2 reasons:  1) In the summer, letting the daylight in causes the air conditioner to work harder.  2) It encourages employees to get up, periodically, and look out the window (God forbid), which means they aren’t in their seat working.

Since they told us about reason number 1, many of us have taken note of the temperature of the black blinds, which are now absorbing all of that sun light, and acting as radiators for our office.  The office is hotter, and the air conditioning doesn’t stop, now.

But on the flip side, now we’re not distracted by goings on outside, which gives us more time to sit in our chairs and work without stretching your legs for 2 minutes.

Even dogs at the pound are put in cages they can see out of.