by workinghereislikeworkinginnorthkorea

Salaried employees are required to arrive at work, prepared to work at their desk, at the time that their shift begins.  This means you are expected to arrive at work several minutes prior to when your shift begins, for the purpose of booting up your computer, loading up the programs, etc.

Employees are allotted one hour for lunch, and two 15 minute breaks per day, and a designated time determined by management.

Employees are NOT to take their breaks, or lunch hour, at ANY other time.  Doing so will result in disciplinary action.

How do they control for this, you might ask?  Simple.  They have a time clock.  And not just any time clock.  A time clock on which you input your social security number, and then scan your thumbprint.

Salaried employees.  Being required to clock in and out.   With their thumbprint.