by workinghereislikeworkinginnorthkorea

Today, while searching for a file that had mysteriously disappeared from my computer’s desktop, I stumbled upon a folder within several other folders.  The folder was given the name “sig”.

Now, I originally found this because I accidentally double clicked the wrong folder.  What I found came as quite a shock to me:

In this folder were .png files of each employee’s signature.  It was as though they had taken each signature from a document that each individual had signed, cleaned it up, and make a graphic out of it.  This is pretty heavy stuff.

But why?  Why couldn’t they simply ask for a signature when it’s needed?

Wouldn’t this be considered digital forgery, if those signatures are tampered with?  How easy would it be to smack that signature on something that needs signing that no sane human would sign?

Would I get fired if I brought it up to management?