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As mentioned before, it can be tricky to get a bonus anymore, with all of the restrictions they’ve systematically put in place.  To add insult to injury, they’ve implemented a new system as well:  assistants.

Several underwriters were handpicked and given assistants to help them quote.  Now, mind you, even though they’re doing twice the work with this assistant, they’re still subject to the same quotas as those of us who are without assistants.  What does this mean?  Simple.

For the past 4 months, the numbers for underwriters with assistants has steadily increased, to an exponential amount.

Simultaneously, the numbers for underwriters without assistants has steadily decreased.

In other words, you have assisted underwriters who are quoting upwards of 300 to 400 quotes (when the quota is met at 175), and working 5 to 7o0 quotes a month (when the quota is met at 300), at the expense of other underwriters who are scraping by with, optimisticaly, 90 to 100 quotes a month, working (both quoting and declining) 150-200 quotes a month.

Essentially, those without assistants have been screwed out of their work.  I haven’t received a bonus in 5 months, because I don’t get the work required to qualify for a bonus.  Instead, half (3/4, even) of the work I USED to get, is going to the underwriters with assistants.

It reminds me of a meeting I had with the manager, where I suggested a revision to the bonus system that was “self-adjusting”.  An underwriter’s quota was determined by how many quotes they got out in the previous month, plus 10%.  This essentially meant that the underwriter determined what their quota was, based on how much they were able to output (which essentially, is based on how much work they’re given by management).  The manager mentioned that the underwriter would eventually push their quota beyond what they could do to achieve a bonus (at least for one month, at which time it would adjust back down),

“And I don’t really like the idea of an underwriter not being able to get their bonus,” he said to me…