Concerning customer satisfaction.

by workinghereislikeworkinginnorthkorea

Typically, an agent (our customer) is already agitated when they phone call finally makes it to us.  This is usually because our actual “customer service” department is pretty incompetent.  I don’t blame them, necessarily.  The main problem stems from the lack of communication between different departments; no one knows how any other departments work.  That means agents are constantly being told one thing by one department, and another by the next department.  Understandably, they become frustrated, and want to speak to the manager…

Which is why I thought it was really ironic that our manager, who really doesn’t seem to know what exactly goes on in our department (even though his office is, literally, 10 feet away, sent the following memo to us:

“Somebody wiser than me, obviously, defined customer service fairly concisely.  “A customer is the most important visitor on our premises.  He is not dependent on us.  He is not an interruption of our work.  He is the purpose of it.  He is not an outsider in our business.  He is a part of it.  We are not doing him a favor by serving him.  He is doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to do so.”

Some of you really get it.  Agents and others in the office come to you for help.  Some of you are avoided like the black plague.  Do not give me BS about “I am who I am” because you act exactly the way want.  It just seems like some of you do not like people – this comes through loud and clear but you think it does not.  You are exactly the way you are to your family, friends and agents because that is how you want it.  I cannot pound sense into you to be better with your family and friends but I can when it comes to work.

We can only be successful if agents continue to give us opportunities.  Great success can only happen if agents want to work with us and not just because they need to.  Today I need to check myself, “Am I encouraging agents to want to work with us and not just because?”  Take it one phone call or email at a time but make it happen.”

I’m amused at the fact that this guy thinks he knows a single thing about ANY of the his employees outside of work, and how we may or may not treat our friends and family.  He barely gives us the time of day AT work.  He couldn’t possibly know what we “get” or “don’t get,” because he doesn’t KNOW how his floor operates.  You can’t know the dynamics and inner workings of a company if all you’re looking at is a sheet with numbers and projections on it.  Secondly, if he had any idea, whatsoever, about how this office operates, and how inter-office operations work, he would probably think twice about sending out his condescending emails.

Speaking of condescending, this guy calls me “son” constantly.  Two things:  1) I have a name, and 2) you are  not my father.

My father works 10 times as hard as you do for 1/3 the money.