Assistants Pt 2

by workinghereislikeworkinginnorthkorea

So the assistants test ran for approximately 5 months.  As this occurred, I slowly saw my numbers decline, as the assisted underwriters’ numbers slowly increased.  In an act of desperation, I approach the assistant manager (that’s not his actual title, but for all intents and purposes).  As I prefer to put anything important in writing, I sent him an email:


Thought maybe I would get your candid POV on this before I discuss it with [manager].

My numbers were atrocious this month, and they’ve been less-than-stellar the last few before that, and it concerns me.  Looking at the reports, it looks like, after today, I will likely have plowed through around 250 submissions (those being both quotes, and declines).

The underwriters with assistants are going through almost 3 times as many submissions.  And I can’t help but ask myself whether or not this a coincidence.  Obviously, I’m not so naïve to think that it’s something intentionally against me; that would be ridiculous of me.  BUT, I do kind of feel like, as far as work volume goes, the number of submissions they’re receiving is gradually choking me out.  In other words, maybe I’m getting a lot less because they’re getting a lot more?  And given their retained premium this month, it’s obviously stuff to be effective this month as well.  Most of what I get are “NO MARKET” or “INVALID CLASS CODE,” submissions which end up being a decline, and lots of times, it’s stuff that’s already passed the effective date!

Apparently, numbers are low for everyone, but the numbers just don’t really speak to that.  I haven’t noticed any significant drop in hand delivers that I receive, and surely to goodness [UW with an assistant A] and [UW with an assistant B] wouldn’t get so many hand delivers (I know [B] does the VCAP stuff which maybe accounts for her larger number) as to push their numbers that high.  If numbers were low across the board, it just seems like theirs would be going down as well, y’know?

Almost every day this month, I’ve been able to reduce my bucket, at the end of the day, to maybe a few November submissions that I couldn’t quote yet, anyway….so I know my lower numbers aren’t from a lack of trying.  I know [UW with an assistant A] more or less lives here, but if nothing else, that has to mean he’s actually GETTING something to quote, know what I mean?

really don’t want to risk getting demoted to a lowly assistant for my numbers being low, especially if it’s something that’s ultimately out of my control, and it’s really starting to stress me out.

What am I supposed to do, here?”

So several hours later, I’m called over to assistant manager’s desk (as mentioned in a previous post, they NEVER put anything in writing.  There’s less deniability that way).  He discusses the way in which the submissions are distributed by our automated system, but then goes on to explain that the automated system is broken, and that, in spite of what the numbers suggest (apparently, at this job, the numbers DO lie), submissions are being distributed fairly.  What he said after that blows my mind, to this day:  “I mean, I guess, really, it’s survival of the fittest.”