by workinghereislikeworkinginnorthkorea

So I didn’t receive the bonus I was hoping to get.  But on the flipside, as many of you are well aware, the comment left by the VP of my company on the prior post was bonus enough for me.  Not to mention the fact that it has, to an extent, catapulted this blog into the public eye.  I’m getting over a thousand views a day on this blog, and am now actually making money because of it.  I received SO MANY phone calls yesterday, both from prior and current employees, thanking me for this blog, saying that I have been a voice for so many people who were unable to speak up or express their grievances in the workplace (more specifically, my prior workplace).  So I guess in the end, I still win!

Still debating whether or not I want to return the phone calls of the media outlets who want the whole story on this mess.

It must be an unsettling feeling, knowing that the people who keep your wallet fat despise you with such a passion.  Or maybe that’s how they like it.  Who knows?  It would certainly make me nervous.

“You should never be so mad at someone that you’re not willing to make a buck off of them.” –Mr X.