I have an interview, next week. It’s one of those “I have nothing to lose” type scenarios. My current boss is a pretty reasonable person, and he’s very “open door” about these types of things. I discussed it with him, who was surprisingly encouraging about it. It was one of those “I’d hate to lose you, but you have to snag an opportunity if it presents itself to you. I’d probably do the same thing were I in your shoes,” kind of talks.

At my last job, interviewing was in no way a “nothing to lose” scenario. There was always the threat of being called into the boss’ office if word got out that you had entertained the idea of a job elsewhere.

A call to management from a potential new employer could possibly be an inadvertent call for your termination.

One or two people even made the mistake of TELLING the boss they had an interview elsewhere, for which they were reprimanded.

In North Korea, you’re also reprimanded if you entertain the notion of defecting to another place. And, like North Korea, they put measures in place to discourage your moving from their company (see my post on non-compete contracts).