“Jackets with hoods”

Hey guys,

I know it’s been a while.  I stumbled on some of the sillier company-wide emails we received working at the grist mill, and wanted to share them with you.  On casual friday, I wore a zip-up hoodie (many people did this) because at the time I couldn’t afford a nice heavy jacket.  Obviously, I’ve removed headers and stuff to protect the identity of those involved.


“Hello All:


I have just been on the all floors noticed at least 2 folks who have jeans on with rips or holes or shreds in them.  I know that you can pay a lot of money for this type of fashion these days, but it is not compliant with our dress code.  Jeans MUST NOT have holes in them of any kind.  Also, as the weather becomes cooler, some employees have been wearing hoodies (sweatshirts/jackets with hoods).  This is not acceptable with our dress code.  Please ask associates to wear a different and dress code compliant apparel item to keep warm.  Finally, even if it is UT orange, it is NOT okay to wear a t-shirt of any kind.  Please review the attached policy with your associates.  Violations of the policy should be correct ASAP.”